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The name says it all, we love Bengals. We began this journey to share these beautiful cats with all people who love cats. We have carefully planned our breeding program to find the best Bengal cat’s bloodline and we found our first breeder female from the best and most reputable cattery in Florida, Destiny Bengals. Bengal cats are very intelligent, loyal, friendly and always amusing to watch play. Bengals have dog like personality and can easily be trained. They love to play fetch and perform tricks you won’t believe. They are great family pets, because they get along with other animals and children as well. Our kittens are born and raised with much love inside our home. They are great companions and you will enjoy their company. Bringing home one of our kittens will be a wonderful experience for you and your family. We breed high quality exotic brown spotted tabbies. Our breeding program goals are to improve and to protect the bloodlines of the Bengal cats. We are focusing on quality vs quantity, health, temperament, exotic look and clear glittered coats with beautiful large rosettes. We give our cats and kittens lots of loving care and we treat them as members of our family. Our cats receive the best in veterinary care including FeLV/FIV testing and screening for HCM. Bengals are a healthy breed and in general do not have any genetic or birth defects. They have a unique combination of strength and elegance. Enhancing the Bengal's wild appearance is a short, thick coat that feels luxuriously soft and silky. Bengal cats have very energetic, engaging, loving character and outgoing personality. They learn extremely fast the house rules and enjoy being part of the family. Bengals are unique and amazing cats. You will fall in LOVE! Feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns anytime when you are ready to bring into your home one of these beautiful little loveable toy leopards.

Bengal cats are the new and very popular breed. Although Bengals have their wild ancestors (pictures below) they are super gentle, affectionate, playful and happy family pets with sweet temperament. Asian Leopard Kittens:

We are proud members of TICA, the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats.

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